Don Collins # 540, regular at Homecoming, entered the Omega Chapter

Don Collins #540 (L) with Don Blair #535 (R) at Homecoming 2014
Don Collins #540 (L) with Don Blair #535 (R) at Homecoming 2014

We will miss Don Collins' bright smile and pleasant greetings at Homecoming. Don passed to the Omega Chapter Monday, September 5, 2016. Don was initiated March 5, 1957 and was a member of the Mighty 500s who rendezvoused with much enthusiasm and laughter for Homecoming 2014. He supported the Chapter and the new Old Gal by his frequent returns to Homecoming, even though he lived in the Virgin Islands.

Don worked for Viking Corp. movers and was inducted into the International Association of Movers Hall of Honor in 2013. He is survived by his wife of 56 years, Sharon, four children, two brothers and nine grandchildren. For more information and to post a note please visit:

Pledge Class’ Annual Rendezvous Endures and Grows

For 25 years in a row (1991-2016) Brothers from the pledge class of Spring of 1982, Mike (Ed) Pedue #961, Eric (E.B.) Brown #958, Mike (Ed) Crull #969 and Tom Christen #963 have gotten together to play golf. Over the years Brothers Mike (Ed) Bovee #960, Paul Finnell #962 and Jack Robertson #927 joined in on the reunions. (Do you get the feeling it is easier if everyone has the some nick name after a few beers?)
1987 L-R Mike Pedue, Mike Crull, Tom Christen & Eric Brown
1987 L-R
Mike Pedue, Mike Crull, Tom Christen & Eric Brown

2014 L-R Mike Crull, Mike Pedue, Eric Brow, Tom Christen
2014 L-R
Mike Crull, Mike Pedue, Eric Brow, Tom Christen
Spring Frolic 2016 L-R Back Row Mike Bovee, Eric Brown, Mike Pedue, Jack Robertson, Tom Christen  Tom's daughter, Miranda
Spring Frolic 2016 L-R Back Row
Mike Bovee, Eric Brown, Mike Pedue, Jack Robertson, Tom Christen
Tom's daughter, Miranda

We look forward to their rendezvous at the Dedication of the Old Gal

ΑΣΦ TIME CAPSULE to be Mounted in Wall of OLD GAL at HOMECOMING 2016

Please Participate in The Old Gal’s History.

Provide a Gift to be Locked in the ΑΣΦ TIME CAPSULE.

ALL Brothers Are Invited To Propose A Gift To The Future To Be Place In The Time Capsule!

The New Old Gal
The New Old Gal

During Homecoming 2016's Dedication of the New Old Gal, a Time Capsule will be mounted inside a wall of the Old Gal. It will be a metal box 3 ½ inches deep, 14 inches wide and 36 inches high. Its location between wall studs will be marked with a plaque indicating it is not to be opened until the Chapter House is mortgage fee.

The Time Capsule is expected to have three - 14 inch wide X 12 inch high stacked compartments, 3 1/2 inches in depth. We think one (1) compartment will be for "physical items" like PB’s dog collar or the beer tap from the Maumee St party room and two compartments for paper documents like pictures, news paper articles, etc. As Tri-State used to say, all of this is “TBD” until we know more about what you would like to send into the future.

All Time Capsule Gifts should be focused on 1) The Beta Omicron Chapter and its Brothers, and then, 2) Trine (Tri-State) University and 3) the Angola Area.

The "Gifter" is to make sure their gift is explained well enough that someone in the future will understand what it is. That is: a picture should have a note like, "Brothers XX#, XY#, & XV# in 1972 filling water balloons for campus war with GDIs." or..."an electronic video of Brothers installing windows in 1987 at the Maumee House on USB port drive, XYZ format" Or... "a party favor from October 2015 110 S. Darling St Old Gal Inauguration." You may place pictures in an envelope and put the info on the envelope if you wish.

Please contact the email address below if you need help with pen numbers or other info. Do not let perfection get in the way of providing something fun or of significance to our history.

There will be two ways to get your gifts to us: One, you can bring it to Homecoming (preferred!) Two, you can send it to us. Details on each of those options will be provided after August 21st as we inform "Gifters" we in fact have space for their item in the Time Capsule. (We don't want to be shipping things twice.)

PLEASE propose a Time Capsule Gift by providing in an email to with the following:

1) Your name , pen number and phone number
2) Describe the Gift you are providing, why you are providing it, its significance, etc)
3) Paper items, let us know: Is there more than one page? If so, how many pages is it? Is it going to be in a envelop or is it bound? If bound, how?
4) Physical items: provide its dimensions. (a picture would be nice)
5) Delivery: Do you plan to bring it to Homecoming --or do you plan to mail it?

To provide time for organizing the Gifts , communication , mailing, etc,

PLEASE Propose your Time Capsule Gift before Sunday, August 21st.

We hope we can completely fill this Time Capsule box. Your help with creative Gifts to the future will be appreciated.

Sept 29, 30 & Oct 1st
This IS the ONE !

ΑΣΦ Will Install Time Capsule in New Old Gal

Arrangements are being made to install a 14" X 36" X 4" Time Capsule in between the studs of the Old Gal at Homecoming 2016. It is to be opened when our mortgage is paid off. You will be hearing more about how to be involved in this project as The Homecoming Team's plan for Homecoming Weekend, Sept 29, 30 and Oct 1 are finalize latter this month. Please see below for more on Homecoming.


Tux Anderson, For the Good of the Fraternity

The Anderson's Travel for ΑΣΦ Business

As part of the series of articles that we hope to post on our website about The Workings of the Beta Omicron Chapter, (please see the first in this series posted March 20, 2016) this article is going to take a side trip to San Diego. As a result of Tux (John) Anderson #864 and his wife, Jane's, visit to my adopted home town across the river from Tijuana, I learned a lot about our Chapter and how we participate with the National ΑΣΦ organization.

Many of you know that Tux has been an active on our Alumni Association BOD for many years and was a founding member of the House Corporation Board of Trusties. This list of his involvement at the Chapter level is long. For his work and dedication, Tux is a very well desired Delta Beta Xi Award recipient. However, I think just few know that Tux has been very active at the National ΑΣΦ level for over eight years including participating and training at the yearly National Convention for undergraduates. However, Tux has also been an active member on ΑΣΦ Foundation Board for 8 years and was recently asked joined their CLVEN Housing Board. One of the main reasons John was selected to serve on the Housing Board was because of his involvement with the development our new Old Gal.

Gordy Heminger, the President and Chief Executive Officer of ΑΣΦ says, "Brother Anderson comes to the meetings prepared, asks good questions, offers practical suggestions based on his experience in business and with the Beta Omicron Chapter and has such an even keeled disposition." So, we say thanks to Brother Andersen, his supporting, traveling wife, Jane, as well as the others in the Chapter that support our business of ΑΣΦ at the National level.

Jane and John Anderson in Tom & Colleen Alspaugh's backyard
Jane and John Anderson in Tom & Colleen Alspaugh's backyard

OddBall visits Rick Powell at work
OddBall visits Rick Powell at work

Back to the southern suburbs of LA. Making hay while the sun was shining in San Diego, Tux and Jane sent a day with my wife, Colleen, and I seeing the sites. They also arranged dinner at the iconic beach side restaurant, Jake's at the Beach, where we met up with locals Rick Powell # 867 and his wife Regan. (Rick is trying to fit Homecoming 2016 into his fall schedule.)

When you see Tux at Homecoming , ask him if he is active on two Boards for National because he enjoys the volunteer work, or is it because of the places they have their winter meetings 🙂

ΑΣΦ, It is Our Time to Celebrate !

The New Old Gal
The New Old Gal

Homecoming 2016; the Old Gal, a New Beginning
Sept 29th, 30th and Oct 1st

The DEDICATION of our New OLD GAL at 110 S. Darling St will take place at Homecoming 2016 the weekend of Sept 29th, 30th and Oct 1st. This is THE Homecoming to attend ! You will be hearing soon about registration, which will again be on this website, a Time Capsule that will be mounted in the wall of the Old Gal and the weekend's schedule of events. You will be offered an opportunity to travel though time by donating to the Time Capsule and to be involved in what is expected to be the biggest calibration in our Fraternity's history. If you planning to attend, or are thinking you will try to attend, please respond to this email address:

After all, if you're going, I'm going.