Homecoming 2017 – Schedule of Events

Thursday, September 14, 2017

4:00 - 6:00
Welcome Reception
Holiday Inn

Dinner on Own

Nut Night

Friday, September 15, 2917

Alumni Golf
Zollner Golf Course

2:00 - 4:00
Alumni Networking & House Tours

4:30 - 5:30
Pre Touchstone Reception

6:00 - 9;00
Touchstone Dinner

Brotherhood Social Event

Saturday, September 16, 2017

9:00 - 10:30
Annual Alumni Meeting
Best Hall, Room 221

11:00 - 4:30
Tailgate Party

5:00 - 11:00
Dinner and Celebration
Club Paradise

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Dedication of New Old Gal at Homecoming 2017 – A Monumental Event

The New Old Gal
The New Old Gal

The Alpha Sig Homecoming was as well attended with over 80 alumni joining in for this special reunion Dedicating the New Old Gal. Everyone seemed to be impressed with the New Alpha Sig Chapter House at 110 S. Darling St on Trine University’s Fraternity Row. It looks better than its beautiful architectural renderings and its interior layout has a good feel to it. It is also is said to be quite functional as reported by the 15 (full capacity) live-in Brothers who proudly provided us personal tours of their new home. “Best Fraternity house on campus.” Congratulations to us all !

Thursday's Reception Gathering
Thursday's Reception Gathering
Remembering the '70s  Thursday Reception
Remembering the '70s Thursday Reception


Touch Stone Dinner
Touch Stone Dinner

The pictures almost capture the level of Brotherhood and camaraderie that was felt throughout the Dedication weekend. The Thursday reception at the Holiday Inn and the Friday golf outing were well attended.

An Evening Out with the Brotherhood, Trine's Touch Stone dinner
An Evening Out with the Brotherhood, Trine's Touch Stone dinner

For the third year in a row Alpha Sigma Phi won the Trine Touch Stone Dinner crystal goblet Participation Award, which OddBall Alspaugh #840 proudly received on behalf of our Alumni Association. Brother Dr. James Rinker #551 was recognized by Trine University for his significant contribution to the current Best Hall rehabilitation project. The campus just keeps on improving. Enrolment is way up and construction projects seem to be part of the current culture.

The Saturday morning Alumni Meeting was special. Many reports on the House fund raising, construction and current financial status were provided. Things look good. A new parking lot taking over Gale St. south of our property is planned by Trine. Much of it will be dedicated to Alpha Sig parking. Gene Tierney’s #850 extended term as President ended on the Alumni Association Board. Mike King #1085 will be our new President and Matthew White #1099 was voter on to the AA Board. Gene Tierney and David Moon # 639 were invited to serve as Trustees on the House Corporation Board. The meeting was held in Best Hall’s recital Room 221, it’s large back stage area is where Nick Santino’ # 657 Reaction Light Company is working with Trines Innovation One to develop this sports racing event starting product. A tour was given and Reaction Light hosted a catered hot breakfast for the Alumni.

Our Tail Gate Party at the tent, next to The House, before football game, was a great social and historical event. Those who stayed behind during the game, for the third year in a row, heard Alpha Sig Legends Storytellers weaving stories about Omega Chapter member, Don Cerrato’s # 771 wardrobe, pets and pet burial ceremonies, how warm beer almost powered John Pelczar #866 Apha Sig team to an upset victory in the Greek Week canoe race, how pledging Alpha Sig improved Tim Adam’s interview skills and how the IRS was impressed with, then Treasurer, Darryl Shoff’s #750 temporary office, and many other tails that may never be told again.

Returning Alpha Sigs get ready for the Group Photo commemorating the Dedication of the Old Gal
Returning Alpha Sigs get ready for the Group Photo commemorating the Dedication of the Old Gal

The Dedication of the New Old Gal started a group photo in front of The House. It was followed by House Corp. President, Paul Reugamer #913, leading the Dedication with a talk from Trine University President, Dr Earl Brooks and Brother John Goudy # 758, project manager, thanking Ingledue Construction and Ralph and Sheri Trine for their contributions to The Old Gal. Tux (John) Anderson #864 spoke about the successful Capital Campaign and thanked everyone for the contributions. OddBall Alspaugh discussed the Old Gal’s Time Capsule, which was filled to the brim with many Brother’s various donations.

Construction Manager Brother John Goudy and House Corporation President  Brother Paul Ruegamer  thank Ralph and Sheri Trine For their support.
Construction Manager Brother John Goudy and House Corporation President Brother Paul Ruegamer thank Ralph and Sheri Trine For their generous support.

The evening was wrapped up with Undergraduate awards and lots of socializing, back patting and hand shaking. The party at the tent and back at the Holiday Inn went late. It was a very fun and rewarding Homecoming and Dedication of our New Old Gal.
Thank you to all who attended and worked on The Chapter House, the Homecoming events and the Dedication.
The commemorative Group Photos in front of the Darling St Old Gal with the names listed of the Brotherhood, with and without guests, can be purchased at http://www.gearyphotography.com/alphasiggroup for $35 unframed, including postage. Three dollars goes the Alumni Association. (Yours will not have the photographers’ logo on it.)
Thank you to all who attended this fabulous Dedication of the Old Gal.
Homecoming 2017 is scheduled early for the weekend of Sept 15 and 16. Mark your 2017 calendar now. Come see that house and enjoy our tradition of gathering for Homecoming.

Don Collins # 540, regular at Homecoming, entered the Omega Chapter

Don Collins #540 (L) with Don Blair #535 (R) at Homecoming 2014
Don Collins #540 (L) with Don Blair #535 (R) at Homecoming 2014

We will miss Don Collins' bright smile and pleasant greetings at Homecoming. Don passed to the Omega Chapter Monday, September 5, 2016. Don was initiated March 5, 1957 and was a member of the Mighty 500s who rendezvoused with much enthusiasm and laughter for Homecoming 2014. He supported the Chapter and the new Old Gal by his frequent returns to Homecoming, even though he lived in the Virgin Islands.

Don worked for Viking Corp. movers and was inducted into the International Association of Movers Hall of Honor in 2013. He is survived by his wife of 56 years, Sharon, four children, two brothers and nine grandchildren. For more information and to post a note please visit: http://www.legacy.com/guestbooks/jconline/donald-l-collins-condolences/181311979?cid=full