There are three ways to donate.


1. Make check payable and mail to:

Beta Omicron House Corporation
160 Dandt Road
Custer, MI 49405

The address above is the address of House Corporation Treasurer Terry Carter, 231-757-9039.  [email protected]

2. Donate securities:

This option can be of advantage to an alumnus who may wish to donate securities rather than cash.  If the alumnus donates “appreciated securities,” he can avoid capital gains tax that he would ordinarily have to pay.  He has the advantage of completing his pledge with “discounted dollars”.  Only readily marketable securities in good market order can be used.

Brother Tom Bledsoe (872, 4/72) has been employed as a financial advisor with Raymond James & Associates, Inc. for three decades.  The House Corporation has appointed Tom and the Raymond James company to accept donations of securities for processing so the proceeds go to the House Corporation treasury.  Donations have already come to the House Corporation in this manner.

  To inquire about this donation process for securities, contact Tom Bledsoe at his office:  260-497-7711.   Email: [email protected]

With the stock market at an all-time high, this may be an appropriate option for you.  Donating a hundred or more shares of stock, may be your best way to save taxes. 

Talk to Tom.

3. Use Credit Card or PayPal Account:

Go to the red "DONATE" button on the Home Page, click on pay by credit card and follow the directions.


Nick Santino

May 2, 2014


Brother Fred Gruin #607

April 2014

In December of 1961, I (Nick Santino) was as asked to pledge the Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity. When I was accepted, Fred Gruin became my big brother. Like all big brothers, he helped me get through those great days of being a pledge. Up until the time he graduated, he mentored me with ways of Alpha sigma Phi and I will always be appreciative of his time and efforts.

Thru the years since his graduation and mine (over 50 years) we managed to see each other on only two or three occasions. That changed this past week after locating him in East Aurora, New York. I called him when I was on a business trip near East Aurora, and we met, had dinner and spent three hours reminiscing. We talked about families, career paths, of course what else - Alpha Sigma Phi. It was such a great feeling for both of us.

When Fred graduated (transportation major) he went to work in the transportation industry and eventually ended up working for the Interstate Commerce Commission and the Department of Transportation. He now enjoys retirement and concentrates on year around cross country skiing and an unbelievable hobby of building and selling miniature trucks and trains. He has a collection set up in the form of major city and WOW doesn’t begin to express this great accomplishment.


We talked about our Alpha Sig family tree and determined it to be as follows – George Tingus (deceased) #593, Fred Gruin #607, Nick Santino #657, Don Orr #673, Larry Thomas #695, Jim Smoots #711, Skip Walters #714 and that is as far as we could go. Can you help us by filling in any further connections so we can complete our family tree? The goal is to get as many brothers of our family tree back to the 2014 Home Coming. Send any information to [email protected] .

Fred is hoping to see at Home Coming 2014 – Jim Stewart #584, Dick Benner #587, Dave Benner #588, Jim Misiolek # 610, John Grimm #606, Gene Cloud #605, Dave Utter #601, Jim Cunningham #596 and many other brothers of his era. You can contact him at [email protected]

Come to Home Coming 2014 and visit with the Brothers in our family tree.  Encourage your family tree to also show up at Homecoming on October 2 - 5 in Angola.  See you there!