Eddy Williamson’s Enthusiastic Greetings Will be Missed

Ed Williamson #863 transferred to the Omega Chapter in Indianapolis, Indiana last Monday, September 22, 2014, at the age of 62. Eddy was a Production Associate at Auto Form Tool Manufacturing. He was known for being a manager at his family's business, Angola Distributors. He is survived by his son, daughter and two sisters.
Eddy will be remembered for his full throated vocal greetings as you appeared in his view, making all Brothers feel happy to see him and welcome in his presents. In the '70s he was a willing planner of parties and gatherings, especially at his cottage on Lake James, where the Alpha Sig party boat, the Black Barge, was frequently docked.
Eddy, was a friendly, fun Fraternity Brother who will be a benefit to the Omega Chapter .

Talented, Unique Brother, Dunny Cerrato #771, enters the Omega Chapter

Dunny Cerrato passed away of a hart attack, Sunday, September 14th in Fountain Hill, PA. Dunny (Don) had returned to play in the Sig Cup in August and was looking forward to sharing his stories and LOL humor at Homecoming. Few have left such a unique mark on those he knew. For more information on Dunny please visit: inforhttp://www.legacy.com/obituaries/mcall/obituary.aspx?pid=172475783. Dunny also posted on Facebook and Linkedin .

May the Omega Chapter enjoy you as much as we did, Dunny
OddBall #840