A “Champion” Among Us


The Wayne A. Champion Alumni Service Award

 The Wayne A. Champion Alumni Service Award is the highest honor bestowed upon a Beta Omicron Alumnus.  This award is a very selective award recommended by the board of the Alumni Association.  The award is only given for exception support and service to the Beta Omicron Chapter.  This award was named in memory of Wayne Champion, a business Professor at Tri-State College and one of the best chapter Advisors ΑΣΦ Beta Omicron Chapter.  Professor Wayne (Champ) Champion was a real friend to many of our Brothers.  He supported the growth of our Chapter and helped many Brothers in school and in their personal development.  It is an honor for an Alumnus to receive this honor as it is very selective and not presented annually.

Brain Stableton #643, Nick (Dick) Santino #657
Brain Stableton #643, Nick (Dick) Santino #657
Nick Santino accepting the "Wayne Champion Alumni Service Award"
Nick Santino accepting the "Wayne Champion Alumni Service Award"


Nicholas A. Santino (#657) of Newark, New York was the recipient of the Wayne A. Champion Alumni Service Award.  He was recognized at the 2014 Homecoming Saturday night dinner for the contribution and time that he has given to the Chapter.   As Gene Tierney, Alumni President, commented that Nick was one of the individuals responsible for increasing recent interest and participation at the last three Homecomings.   (You should read “A Picnic Table Journey” under the April 2014 Posts on this website.  It tells the story of how Nick got a few guys together and started this momentum.

Nick began making significant contributions to the Chapter as an undergraduate when he used his creative talents and a little magic to design and built the “disappearing bar” in the basement of 113 N. Superior Street “Old Gal”.  This was the beginning of Nick’s long list of contributions to the Beta Omicron Chapter.  In the last decade, Nick has aided a Brother or two that had some financial problems paying their House bill.  He has also supported a couple of Alumni that wanted to come back to Homecoming but did not have the resources.  Nick helped out his Brothers and did not want them to know that he paid for their events.  He has truly been a Brother willing to help others.

In the Spring of 2012, he gather a fee Brothers from his era and began a major push to support the House Corporation’s effort to build the “New OLD GAL” at 110 S. Darling St.  Like it or not, Bulldozer Nick was engaged.   Nick created a small team of Brothers known as the “We Team”.  They planned the 2012 Homecoming events in the format that is used today, and Nick built a website. They started a major alumni outreach effort in July of 2012 resulting in 65 bothers showing up at Homecoming for the presentation on the New Old Gal, setting a Homecoming attendance record.

Nick had a plan to make Homecoming a true annual alumni reunion for the Beta Omicron Chapter.  So he pulled together his planning team in November of 2012 to help the Alumni Association's new 2013 Homecoming Events Committee.  Nick was also active in monitoring the progress being made on the fund raising, the development of construction plans and the transfer of the land for the New Old Gal.

Mr. Santino' vision of  an annual well attended Brotherhood reunion at Homecoming started to become a reality when over 87 alumni attended the 2013 Homecoming for a ceremonial ground breaking for the New Old Gal.   Once Bulldozer Nick got one of those gold shovels in his hands, he wanted to keep digging.

In 2014 Nick work hard on fund raising issues, he continued revving his bulldozer engines to insure ΑΣΦ's House was marching forward and  also decided that a whole new website needed to be built.  Eventually the Chapter agreed, with a big push from the Alumni Association President, Gene Tierney. They consolidated some five web sites into one official site. Mr. Santino funded his web site consultant to help. The consultant, Nick and Gene stayed up nights the month of April 2014 and launched the new web site by the end of the month. After you read this article, take time to view this website.

Nick's contributions to ΑΣΦ are more numerous than those mentioned here, but there is also much that does not reach the Chapter's eye.  A few examples are Mr. Santino funded and built a memorial in a park in his home town of Newark, NY and created an alumni fund for projects at his high school called One Plus One Plus One.

Nick Santino just retired as President of his very successful company, S & C Aquatics Specialists LLC to run his two new companies.   Prior to that he was in charge of Sales and Marketing of C.H. Stuart Co.

And prior to that........... Nick became an Alpha Sig – “a gentleman and a scholar with a heart beneath his vest”

He is a man you ought to know.