The New Old Gal is Inaugurated with Mystic Soil


On Homecoming Saturday, Oct 10th , the Brotherhood Inaugurated our New Old Gal’s first Homecoming. Lenny Duff #975, Mel Budreau #902, John Cannon #717 , Oddball #840, Al Haimbach #802, and Brian Stableton #643 ( L to R) spread the Mystic Soil from our previous six fraternity houses on the construction site at 110 S. Darling St. The Mystic Soil was collected by Bother Don Tyler # 904 and seven active brothers.

Mystic Soil Team

The Mystic Soil Collection Team

The short Inauguration Ceremony mixed the Mystic Soil with the soil of the new Darling St. site symbolically bring the energy and spirit of all alumni who pledged and live in our six previous Old Gals to the New Old Gal and requesting the Mystic Soil bring with this energy the support of all brothers for this new house and the brothers that will pass through it.
The Ceremony ended with most brothers at the event spreading their own bowel of Mystic Soil, wishing the New Old Gal well and harking positive sprits to the Darling St site.

Causa Latet Vis Est Notissima

IMG_0158 New Old gal 11-25-15 status

House Construction Status as of Nov 25th