John Goudy #758 Wins National’s Delta Beta Xi Award

Brother Goudy # 758 Delta Beta Xi
Brother Goudy # 758 Delta Beta Xi

On Saturday October 9th, at the Inauguration of our New Old Gal's first Homecoming , John Goudy was awarded ΑΣΦ's distinguished Delta Beta Xi Award. Brother Goudy (Goud) is the sixth member of the Beta Omicron Chapter to win this prestigious National ΑΣΦ award.
John Chairs the New Old Gal's Construction Committee , is a founding House Corporation Trustee and was instrumental in obtaining the Alumni Association's approval in 2010 to build the New Old Gal on Trine University's Fraternity Row. Brother Goud helped develop the overall plan to build the New House, was also instrumental in locating the site, negotiating the property exchange with the University, developing the architectural concept and raising the required capital.
Brother Goudy has scarlet ΑΣΦ blood running through his veins. He was Rush Chairman when he was an active Brother. He's "the guy" who kept his pledge class and the Brothers of his late 1960s era in frequent communication. Over the years they have gotten together regularly in person, which many times included golf. John unselfishly put his time and effort in to leveraging these golf gatherings into fund raising and/or Brotherhood building events including: 1)The Sig Cup played in August between Alpha Sig and Kapa Sig raising over $40,000 for scholarships, 2) The Greek Cup , another golf event to raise money for scholarships, played at Homecoming for the first time this year between all campus Geek organizations and 3) The Sarasota, Florida Golf outing played by ΑΣΦ and KΣ after the Trine Scholarship Golf Classic in January of each year. Bothers, from all eras now fly from all over the continent to be at these events.
John though out his life and still has stops by The House, goes to Chapter meetings and assists where he can. In 2013 Brother Goudy formed a Pledge Mentoring Program that consist of alumni volunteer mentors who live in close proximity to Angola. It has become a model for other ΑΣΦ chapter alumni associations.
Please take the time to congratulate Brother John Goudy on his very well deserved and prestigious ΑΣΦ Delta Beta Xi Award.
And, if you will help me ,please... All together now:
For He's an Alpha Sig, He's a man you'll want to know...
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