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Nick Santino

April 16, 2014


It was fall of 2011 when I called brother, DAVE MOON #637 and asked him to meet me in Angola. Dave and I roomed together at the “old Gal” located at 113 North Superior and have been long time friends ever since.  We had not been back to Angola in many years and we decided to do a return visit.

WOW! – does not begin to express what we saw and visited. It was beyond any thoughts or visions we had in mind. The city of Angola had changed and grown into a very prosperous city and the college had transformed into an Institution of PRIDE and high EXPECTATIONS. I was proud to say I was a graduate of Tri State College (now Trine University) class of 1965.

We visited the current house and it is with regret that I say “it was extremely disappointing”. The undergraduates were super but the house itself was neither conducive nor competitive for Greek life on campus. I left the house that day knowing that if a new house was not built – Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity would soon be nonexistent at Trine University.

As Dave and I traveled to the old watering holes we once visited, where we took those long needed breaks, from studying the files supplied by AJ Paul and others, I realized something had to been done to keep our fraternity on campus.  We returned to the Holiday Inn Express in Fremont, Indiana and were sitting at a “PICNIC TABLE” enjoying a beverage or two, when I said to Dave – Let’s do something where we get as many brothers as we can back to Homecoming 2012. The purpose would be to reminisce about the old times and then talk to them about building a new house. The look on his face was first disbelief about what I just said and then it changed to the excitement of OK let’s do it.

We developed some ideas and realized we would need some additional help. We immediately contacted LARRY THOMAS #695 (my little-little brother) and Brian Stebelton # 643 (a pledge brother of Dave’s pledge class) and they also got excited. It is with their help we put together a plan for Homecoming 2012 which now looking back has become an ALPHA SIG fairy tale. The results of our efforts combined with the help of many other brothers produced –

  • The largest Homecoming to date with an attendance doubling any previous HC.
  • The presentation of concepts being considered for a NEW house
  • The telling of stories that brought back many “Memories”
  • An Alumni Association led by GENE TIERNEY #850 that is strong and committed.
  • An “OFFICIAL”  Beta Omicron Alpha Sig web site:
  • An effective alumni communication group led by brother Tom Alsbaugh # 840
  • Homecoming 2013 which broke the attendance record of HC 2012
  • A ground breaking ceremony of the NEW house at Homecoming 2013
  • Phase #1 of a fund raising program that at this point has raised $700,000
  • And most importantly – lots of FUN and MEMORIES for everyone.

All of this because of a conversation of two Alpha Sig brothers sitting around a


As exciting and unbelievable as these past two years have been, our job is not done. We need  to do with your “HELP” the following so we can all say “WELL DONE”  as we walk up to the front door of our NEW house at Homecoming 2015.

  • Plan on attending Homecoming 2014. The dates are October 2nd, 3rd and 4th. I can guarantee it will be the largest and most exciting Homecoming you have ever attended. (if it will be your first – get ready for Fun and Memories)
  • Book your Hotel reservations now. Special rates are available to all Alpha Sigs. Use the following link -   Alpha Sig HE14 or call the Holiday Inn Express 260-833-6464 and ask for Danielle. (There is a Notre Dame Football game that weekend and rooms will be limited). We have 60 rooms reserved for Alpha Sigs.
  •  Visit our new “OFFICIAL” web site ( every month for current updates and information regarding Homecoming 2014, the progress of the NEW house, alumni news, plus pictures of the past and much more.
  • HELP raise the final $250,000 needed for the completion of The NEW House so our new pledges and undergraduates will be debt free when they move in the house in SEPTEMBER 2015. Pledge forms (a few plans offered for your consideration) are available on the OFFICIAL web site.
  • Update the alumni data base contact information on yourself and any other brother you may know.
  • Get two brothers of your era to meet you at Homecoming 2014. Contact information for brothers is available on request.
  • Let me know you are coming to Homecoming 2014.

I know that if we work TOGETHER we can make ALPHA SIG’s the number 1 fraternity on campus again.


You can get any information you need by going directly to our “OFFICIAL’ web site or by contacting Gene Tierney, Tom Alspaugh or myself directly.

Nick Santino #657

161 South Avenue

Newark New York 14513

Home 315-331-6293

Cell 585-329-6425

email:  [email protected]


                                                THE ΑΣΦ HOMECOMING IS

OCTOBER  2, 3 & 4,  2014


I will be at the “PICNIC TABLE” waiting for you!