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Homecoming 2017 – Schedule of Events

Thursday, September 14, 2017

4:00 - 6:00
Welcome Reception
Holiday Inn

Dinner on Own

Nut Night

Friday, September 15, 2917

Alumni Golf
Zollner Golf Course

2:00 - 4:00
Alumni Networking & House Tours

4:30 - 5:30
Pre Touchstone Reception

6:00 - 9;00
Touchstone Dinner

Brotherhood Social Event

Saturday, September 16, 2017

9:00 - 10:30
Annual Alumni Meeting
Best Hall, Room 221

11:00 - 4:30
Tailgate Party

5:00 - 11:00
Dinner and Celebration
Club Paradise

See Trine Homecoming webpage for schedule of University sponsored events

Brother Gulde, #1154


Brother Nick Gulde (left) and Brother Adam Kitson, #1090

Brother Nick Gulde, #1154 graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy on February 26, 2016.  Nick was hired by the Wayne County Sheriffs Department and has spend the last 15 weeks at the academy in Plainfield, IN.

Brother Adam Kitson, #1090, an officer for the Fremont, IN Police Department attended Nick' s graduation.


Front Page News

The following article appear on the Front Page of the Steuben Republican on Friday, January 22, 2016.  Nick Santino, #657 and Nathaniel Scroggins, #1171 are Beta Omicron Brothers.  - GeneswimmersWavemakers try out new reaction lights of races on Wednesday

Start block lights take off


ANGOLA - The YMCA of Steuben County is the test site for an innovation in swim competitions.

Home of the Wavemakers swim team, the Y partnered with Trine University's Innovation One to debut a product that uses lights instead of a noise to signal the start of a race.

scroggins light

Trine University senior design engineering technology major, Nathaniel Scroggins, left, and other Trine staff and students install reaction lights in the YMCA of Steuben County pool Wednesday afternoon

"We're very excited to be partnering with Trine University," said YMCA of Steuben County CEO Krista Miller.

Innovation One is a team of faculty, staff and students working together to develop new ideas, products and technologies and assist area business with research and development.

A Lilly intern, Nathaniel Scroggins, a senior design engineering technology major from Hanover, started working last summer redesigning the start lights, created by a New York based company owned by Tri State College alumnus Nick Santino.The production of Santino's Swimming Reaction Lights has been moved from Newark, New York, to Trine.

The first batch of lights was shipped from Trine in the fall of 2015.  They were used during the World Deaf Swimming Championships in Texas and are in place at Palmyra-Macedon High School in New York.

Scroggins' tweaks improved the aesthetics and functionality of the lights along with dramatically cutting the costs of production, said an article in Trine's winter magazine.  Trine technicians continue to perfect the lights, and the YMCA is part of the process.

The equipment was installed in the YMCA pool Wednesday and will be maintained and tested by Trine students and engineers.

"With us being so close, they could come in, they could videotape, the could monitor," said Miller.

Wavemakers board of directors president Aaron Ulrich said he expects reaction lights to eventually be used in the Olympics.

"It is absolutely exciting to be on the entry level of something that is going to be everywhere," Ulrich said.

The Wavemakers tried the new system Wednesday night, with positive reactions from the young swimmers, ages 5 to 20.

"They were just excited, bouncing off the walls, yelling and screaming," said Ulrich.

The excitement and hubbub that builds at a busy pool during competitions is part of the reason lights may be superior to auditory start signals.

"With the way pools are set up, sound does not travel very well with the water and in a loud arena," said Ulrich.  The light bar is a personal cue for the swimmers that does not require them to focus outside their lane for a prompt.

This weekend, swimmers from the DeKalb County and South Bend YMCAs will be at the Angola Y for a competition and will get the treat of being among the first to try a new innovation that is already making waves.


New “Old Gal”

File Oct 16, 8 58 52 PM

Brother Mike Pedue, #961, started the Homecoming festivities by identifying the "Old Gal" with our Greek Letters.  After that, everyone in attendance signed their name and PIN number throughout the house on studs, walls and floors.

Brother Jay Carey, # 1143 was the first to jump the fence and have the first beer in the new house.

Additional Homecoming pictures will be posted in the near future.

Brotherhood Matters

Many of us would admit that the reason we survived at Trine (TSC, TSU) was due to the bond we made at Beta Omicron Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi.  Some Brothers have reignited that bond during the past few Homecoming events and the building of the new    "OLD GAL".

Two Brothers, pledging fifty years a part, have formed a uniques bond which may impact their futures.  Two years ago, Nick Santino, #657, returned to Homecoming and visited the Innovation Center at Trine University.  Nick owns Swimming Reaction Lights and he committed to the University that he would work jointly with them to develop a new system.  Unbeknownst to Nick, the University assigned Nathaniel Scroggins, #1171 to be the leader on this


Nathaniel Scroggins shows a light for swimmers that he redesigned during his internship at Trine University's Innovation One.   Photo by Dean Orewiler

Nathaniel Scroggins, a senior design engineering technology major fromHanover, IN is a Lilly allocation recipient who works for Innovation One on Trine University’s main campus. He “focuses on designing or redesigning products, creating test fixtures for companies, and doing computer-aided design work for Trine or outside companies.” According to Scroggins, this opportunity has allowed him to get his foot in the door at many area companies and has given him more resume-worthy experience. Nathaniel worked on redesigning the light tubes used in competitive swimming for hearing-impaired swimmers. Nathaniel's redesign improves the aesthetics and functionality of the rpoduct while drastically cutting the cost of production.

Recently, Nathaniel traveled to New York to visit owner and developer, Nick Santino. While there he learned first-hand those manufacturing methods currently being used by SRL of NY. He then returned to Angola and developed and proposed to the Innovation One group an on-site manufacturing process. Subsequently, Mike Bock Senior Vice President of Trine University, has approached Mr. Santino on forming a Joint manufacturing process on the Trine campus. The proposal will include hiring Nathaniel upon graduation as the project engineer where he will assume all responsibilities of production and distribution, using students on campus thru a work study program. This proposal has progressed to the point where legal documents are currently being written and manufacturing is scheduled to start right after the 2015 Homecoming events. Nick and Nathaniel will be at the 2015 Home Coming and I am sure will be more than willing to discuss
this project and more with anyone interested.

Nick and his Daughters Shannon and Traci recently traveled to San Antonio Texas to launch the new reaction light system at an International Swimming Championship meet. It was well received and overwhelming approved by all the competitors from the countries participating. You can find more details about SRLofNY by going to their web site,

It was also recently announce that several track and field organizations have contacted Nick as to making this system adaptable to track and field. Both Nathaniel and Nick are currently working on proto types for approval.

This is a win/win/win/win for everyone. It has provided Nick and his company an innovative product; provided Nathaniel an internship and possibly a future job; Nick is donating some of the proceeds to Trine University and
will work with Trine on a manufacturing facility; and Nick will donate some the proceeds to the Beta Omicron chapter. But the biggest win is for the pride and strength of the Beta Omicron Brotherhood.

Alpha Sigs Win Sig Cup

File Aug 21, 5 18 45 AM

The following Alpha Sigs participated in the 10th Annual Sig Cup Challenge:

Brian Stebleton, 643; Larry Thomas, 695: Jim Smoots, 711; Terry West, 715; Darryl Shoff, 750:
Mike Galiyano, 757; John Goudy  , 758; Chuck Borneman, 763; Richard Linard, 773; Buck Austin, 774;
Tim taylor, 782; Steve Hart, 784; Dick Bosseler, 787; Dick Bible, 791; Al Haimbach, 802;
John Anderson, 864; Eric Brown  , 958; Lenny Duff, 975; Wes Stinson, 1118; Logan Nickel, 1128;
Nathaniel Scroggins, 1171; and John Stock, 1184.

Congratulations on bringing the Sig Cup back home. It will look terrific in our new home.

On behalf of all the undergrad recipients of the Sig Cup scholarships I want to thank everyone for supporting the Sig Cup over the years. You generosity has been overwhelming. Over the ten years we have raised a remarkable $43,000.

This year we are increasing the number of scholarship recipients to four undergrads from each house. Each recipient will receive a $1,000 scholarship. Several of you said you were going to donate to the scholarship fund but didn't have checkbook or funds on hand. If you still intend on donating to the fund please make check payable to: Sig Cup - Trine University and send it to me.

Congratulations and thanks again. I can't tell you how much I look

forward to seeing everyone.