Alumni Meeting 10/4/2014

Beta Omicron Alumni Association
General Meeting

October 4, 2013

The meeting called to order at approximately 9:00 AM EDT by Alumni Association President Brother Tierney. Board members present: Brother Tierney, Brother Mowry, Brother King and Brother Kitson. Brother Ritz and Brother Carteaux were regrettably not able to attend.


Due to requirements for a new job position at IU, Brother White was unable to attend the meeting. Brother White was acting as the secretary for the Alumni Association Board of Directors. Previous meeting minutes were not read as a result of this.

Treasurer Brother King gave the treasurer report with an ending balance of $9273.93 as of 01 October 2014.

Brother Tierney provided the brotherhood with an explanation regarding the formation and purpose of the Beta Omicron House Corporation as it relates to the Alumni Association. Brothers Ruegamer, Anderson and “Froggy” Stone provided additional clarification as to the purpose and reason for being of the House Corporation.

Brother “Oddball” Alspaugh gave a detailed update on the Alumni Relations Committee. At current there are 670 active street addresses in the Committee database. In keeping with technology and streamlining communications, 400 e-mail addresses have been obtained.

The Committee maintains monthly conference calls with Brother Alspaugh chairing the conference calls along with two formal meetings per calendar year. All brothers are invited to attend.

Brother Carteaux has developed a two-year plan for ongoing communication.

Brother Santino mentioned the possibility of mounting a webcam on the construction site of the new “Old Gal” to allow brothers to check in on progress. Brother Santino gave extra thanks to Brother Tierney for hours of work spent on the updated and streamlined website.

Grand Chapter Advisor Brother Biedenweg gave a report on the undergraduate chapter. Brother Bidenweg has held a meeting with the National Fraternity representative. The representative was impressed with the quality of brotherhood maintained by the Beta Omicron chapter.

Brother Duff thanked Biedenweg for all of the positive work and reminded the alumni group and undergraduates present of the increasing need for financial responsibility and ongoing rush to sustain the undergraduate numbers required to thrive in a new property. Many thanks were extended to Brother Thomas for assistance in holding a rush seminar.

HSP Undergraduate Brother Kinsley gave a report on the undergraduate chapter. The undergraduate chapter currently maintains 22 brothers with two active pledges. The BO Chapter received the “Silver Cup” award from the National Fraternity. Brother Kinsley looks forward to bringing home the “Gold Cup” next year. Brother Kinsey confidently reported the strong likelihood of a 15 member pledge class in the spring of 2015.

Brothers Ruegamer, Goudy, Jackson and “Froggy” Stone all pledged an additional $1000.00 donation to the new housing project IF a minimum of 15 new undergraduates are initiated in spring of 2015 (total of $4000.00). Brother Kinsley also reported that Brother Joseph Buchmann has received the “Greek Man of the Year” award from Trine University.

News that Brother Martin Surma (severely injured last school year) has made a full recovery and has reenrolled at Trine University was given to the board. Undergraduate Brothers put forward a tremendous showing of support for Brother Surma. Brothers were present continually when Brother Surma was admitted into a local hospital. Brothers organized a color run, donation portal and sold T-shirts to assist the Surma family in any way possible. The undergraduate chapter currently holds an average GPA of 3.057 (third or fourth amount Fraternities). Dr. Jenkins has been selected as the faculty advisor and received much praise from several alumni brothers.


Brother Ruegamer furthered the explanation of the House Corporation as the overseeing body of the physical structure of the undergraduate chapter house. The House Corporation is also responsible for ensuring that undergraduate brothers stay current with finances until such time that this responsibility can be passed on to Trine University. Returning Brothers were informed of the property swap that was negotiated with Trine University. Though the current property at 709 W Maumee St. has been loved by many brothers it is believed that a combined property will foster brotherhood and growth more easily than two separate buildings.

Brother Ruegamer is our current House Corporation President

Brother Carter is our current House Corporation Treasurer

Brother “Froggy” Stone is our current House Corporation Secretary

Brother Zembala is our current liason between the House Corporation and undergraduates

Brother Herr is our current financial responsibility officer under the House Corporation

Brother Goudy is our current building committee chair

Brother “Tux” Anderson is our current capital funds chair

Brother Goudy provided a summary of the planning that was involved in raising the funds necessary for the construction of a new “Old Gal” at Trine University. The new property is located on the corner of Darling St and Gale St in a prime location on the new “Fraternity Row”. The property was formerly occupied by the Delta Chi boys club.

WKM was selected as the architecture firm for design of our new home. An “English Tudor” design was selected to keep the current feel of a private residence. The design will continue throughout the chapter house. Shari Trine generously volunteered to assist with interior design and decoration.

The building is currently designed to hold 16 undergraduate brothers with the ability to expand in the future should more space be needed.

JICI (Jim Ingledue Construction Incorporated) has been selected as the construction manager for the building project. Jim and Chad presented the construction schedule and general plan for the project. Work on the property is expected to begin in November of 2014 with the bid process for contractors to start in January of 2015. Groundbreaking is hoped to take place in March of 2015. JICI is confident that occupancy of the facility will be possible by fall of 2015. Brothers “Oddball” Alspaugh and Carter clarified parts of the construction process and planning. All construction materials will be made available for review to ensure transparency in the construction process. The contract for construction was signed on 10/4/14 by Brother Ruegamer.

Brother “Tux” Anderson provided an overview of the progress of the Capital Campaign. As of 9/25/14 there have been a total of $791,000.00 in actual donations and pledged donations. The campaign costs have totaled $183,000.00. Actual donations received totals total $365,000.00 with $426,000.00 in outstanding pledged donations. The “cash in hand” total at current is $204,600.00. Of the current base of Beta Omicron brothers approximately 20% have pledged a donation.

Brother Moon announced the launch of the Class Agent Program. The Class Agent Program was designed as a phone-a-thon program to raise additional funds for construction. The program took place between 4/1/14 and 5/15/14. The overall goal of the program was $200,000.00. The program ended with $62,500.00 in actual funds raised. Several reasons were given for the shortfall, to include: some brothers losing interest in the fraternity, lack of funds for donation, a wish to wait until construction begins etc…

An additional phone-a-thon was announced. The goal of this program is the raising of an additional $100,000.00. These funds will be utilized to assist in debt that may be incurred through construction. The funds will also provide a cushion for unforeseen costs.

Brother Thomas gave a brief presentation on the financial methods utilized to secure construction loans. The projected cost total is between $1,050,000.00 and $1,100,000.00. Farmers State Bank will hold the mortgage on the property with a 4.25%, 5 year ARM that is rolling. The loan for construction is in place.

Nominations were opened for the replacement of Brothers Carteaux and Ritz. The current Alumni Association by-laws only allow for five board members.

Brother “Froggy” Stone nominated Brother Herr with Brother Kitson seconding the nomination. After discussion, Brother Herr declined the nomination in favor of a hopeful future position with the House Corporation.

Brother Biedenweg nominated Brother Bonardi with Brother Herr seconding the nomination. Brother Kitson motioned to close nominations with Brother Mowry seconding.

Brother Bonardi was elected to the Alumni Association Board of Directors by open vote.

Discussion was held on the need for back-checking and auditing of both the House Corporation and the Alumni Association. It was agreed by all that audits were necessary due to natural human error and the prevention of future problems


Brother “Froggy” Stone said that the work that has been done by both the House Corporation Board and the Alumni Association Board of Directors has brought us to where we are today. Brothers Stinson, Meek, Tierney, Biedenweg, Kitson, Herr, Santino, Moon, Thomas, along with all committee members have made great contributions and progress, all of which are for the good of the society.

Brother Duff said that the volunteer efforts making the new house a reality, along with continued involvement from current and future active alumni are for the good of the society.

Brother Goudy said that the raising of $35,000.00 for undergraduate scholarships is for the good of our society.

Brother Manny (joining us from Thailand) is very impressed with the progress made. His attendance is for the good of our society.

Brother Ruegamer motioned for the meeting to be closed with Brother Tierney seconding the motion.

The meeting was closed at 10:46 AM EDT.

These minutes are respectfully submitted this 7th day of October 2014.

Adam J. Kitson #1090 Interim Secretary