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Brotherhood Matters

Many of us would admit that the reason we survived at Trine (TSC, TSU) was due to the bond we made at Beta Omicron Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi.  Some Brothers have reignited that bond during the past few Homecoming events and the building of the new    "OLD GAL".

Two Brothers, pledging fifty years a part, have formed a uniques bond which may impact their futures.  Two years ago, Nick Santino, #657, returned to Homecoming and visited the Innovation Center at Trine University.  Nick owns Swimming Reaction Lights and he committed to the University that he would work jointly with them to develop a new system.  Unbeknownst to Nick, the University assigned Nathaniel Scroggins, #1171 to be the leader on this


Nathaniel Scroggins shows a light for swimmers that he redesigned during his internship at Trine University's Innovation One.   Photo by Dean Orewiler

Nathaniel Scroggins, a senior design engineering technology major fromHanover, IN is a Lilly allocation recipient who works for Innovation One on Trine University’s main campus. He “focuses on designing or redesigning products, creating test fixtures for companies, and doing computer-aided design work for Trine or outside companies.” According to Scroggins, this opportunity has allowed him to get his foot in the door at many area companies and has given him more resume-worthy experience. Nathaniel worked on redesigning the light tubes used in competitive swimming for hearing-impaired swimmers. Nathaniel's redesign improves the aesthetics and functionality of the rpoduct while drastically cutting the cost of production.

Recently, Nathaniel traveled to New York to visit owner and developer, Nick Santino. While there he learned first-hand those manufacturing methods currently being used by SRL of NY. He then returned to Angola and developed and proposed to the Innovation One group an on-site manufacturing process. Subsequently, Mike Bock Senior Vice President of Trine University, has approached Mr. Santino on forming a Joint manufacturing process on the Trine campus. The proposal will include hiring Nathaniel upon graduation as the project engineer where he will assume all responsibilities of production and distribution, using students on campus thru a work study program. This proposal has progressed to the point where legal documents are currently being written and manufacturing is scheduled to start right after the 2015 Homecoming events. Nick and Nathaniel will be at the 2015 Home Coming and I am sure will be more than willing to discuss
this project and more with anyone interested.

Nick and his Daughters Shannon and Traci recently traveled to San Antonio Texas to launch the new reaction light system at an International Swimming Championship meet. It was well received and overwhelming approved by all the competitors from the countries participating. You can find more details about SRLofNY by going to their web site,

It was also recently announce that several track and field organizations have contacted Nick as to making this system adaptable to track and field. Both Nathaniel and Nick are currently working on proto types for approval.

This is a win/win/win/win for everyone. It has provided Nick and his company an innovative product; provided Nathaniel an internship and possibly a future job; Nick is donating some of the proceeds to Trine University and
will work with Trine on a manufacturing facility; and Nick will donate some the proceeds to the Beta Omicron chapter. But the biggest win is for the pride and strength of the Beta Omicron Brotherhood.

Construction Update

3 July 2014


Since reporting in early May that the House Corporation and Alumni Association had contracted with Jim Ingledue Construction of Angola, to build the fraternity house, there have been several developments in the project. Brother Larry Thomas has led the effort to finalize the budget, pro-forma, and, along with Brother Terry Carter, establish the construction loan and mortgage with a local Angola bank. The property exchange agreement with the University was executed and a date for the start of construction was established.

However, due to a lawsuit between a neighbor, Trine University, and the City of Angola (Alpha Sigma Phi was NOT involved in the matter) over the adjacent alley and other land issues, the City of Angola was reluctant to issue our building permit until they changed their zoning ordinance to clarify the section covering fraternity and sorority houses. It was agreed that cooperating with the City was the best course of action, however, five to six weeks were lost on the construction schedule. During that time, the contractor was asked to refine their plan and finances were reviewed carefully by the project team.

The City of Angola issued the required permit on 16 June 2015 and the contractor mobilized to the site and began excavation. Unsuitable soil and unacceptable underground water conditions were encountered upon excavation in about two thirds of the building footprint. Brother John Goudy quickly assembled a group of knowledgeable brothers including Brother Eric Brown, a geotechnical professional from Indianapolis to review the situation with the contractor in a conference call on June 25th.

Brother Brown visited the site the following Monday to review the site conditions and the Board of Trustees met in a teleconference call on Wednesday, 2 July to discuss the recommendation(s) of Brother Brown and the contractor. The Board directed the installation of helical piers to mitigate the soil and water problems which was perceived to be of the lowest long term risk to future problems. The additional cost may or may not be covered by contingency budget depending on the extent of the required design, however, an additional two to three weeks of delay to the schedule are expected.

The delays mean that the house will not be dried in with only details remaining by Homecoming which was the original goal. However, it is anticipated that the house exterior will be complete with siding and roofing and interior work in progresss at the time of the annual reunion.

Brother Paul Ruegamer, #913
CEO, House Corporation

Our Newest Alumni

We have eight Undergraduate Brothers that will receive their degrees from Trine University on Saturday, May 8, 2015.  These Brothers have contributed significantly as Undergraduates and we look forward to their transition to active Alums.   Please drop them an congratulatory email (all addresses are under the tab for Undergraduate Brothers on this site)



Cameron Aldrich, #1152

Cameron's degree is Design Engineering Technology.  He received a job from Ariel Corporation in Mount Vernon, OH as a Manufacturing Engineer.  Cameron plans to live in Mount Vernon upon graduation.


Nick Gulde, #1154

Nick has a degree in Criminal Justice and is now a Correction Officer for Wayne County Sheriff's Office in Richmond, IN.  Nick is living in Cambridge, IN.


Josh Easley, #1155

Josh has a degree in Design Engineering Technology and has received a job as a Transformer Designer for Schneider Electric in Huntington, IN.  Josh will be living with fellow Brothers, David Curry, #1147 and Brandon Snell, #1156 in Fort Wayne, IN.


Brandon Snell, #1156

Brandon's degree is Golf Management.  He will be the Assistant Golf Professional at the Ft. Wayne Country Club.  He will be residing in Ft. Wayne along with Brothers Easley and Curry.


Joseph  Buchman, #1158

Joseph will receive a degree in Electrical Engineering.  He has received a job working in the Engineering Leadership Development Program for BAE Systems in Endicott, NY.  Joseph will all reside in Endicott, NY.

claryJames Clary, #1161

James will receive a degree in Social Studies Education.  His goal is to land a teaching job in the near future.  Many schools do not take applications until after the annual budget has been approved in July.  We wish him well in his search.  James will live with his parents on Lake James in Angola, for now.


Kyle Clark, #1168

Kyle has a degree in Information Technology and has accepted a job as a Help Desk Specialist at Trine University.  Kyle is living back home with his parents in Montpelier, OH and making the drive to Angola daily.  Kyle is working with the University and our website technician to install a camera that will provide updates on the progress of our new "Old Gal".


Austin Carmony, #1170

Austin's degree is in Design Engineering Technology and has received a job working as a Project Engineer for General Motors in Bedford, IN.  Austin will be living in Bedford, IN as well.

New Brothers



Year in School: Sophomore

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN

Major: Design Engineering Technology

Date Initiated: Fall 2014

Hobbies/Interests: Baseball, Alpha Sigma Phi, Fishing, Four Wheelers, watching Netflix, noncomplicated women.

Email address: [email protected]




Year in School: Sophomore

Hometown: Fort Myers, FL

Major: Undeclared

Date Initiated: Fall 2014

Hobbies/Interests- Football, basketball, Alpha Sigma Phi, watching Netflix, long walks on the beach

Email address: [email protected]

Support Tyler’s Effort




Greeting Brothers,

My name is Tyler Kinsley, the current President of the Beta Omicron Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi at Trine University. This summer, I will be participating in Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity’s global service and cultural immersion program—the SIG Experience. From May 30-June 5, alongside our brothers from across the country, I will travel to León, Nicaragua to provide hands-on assistance in the construction of homes for families in need. Charity and service towards others is something I actively try to implement in my life. I would like to extend the scope of who I attempt to serve beyond those in northeast Indiana; this is why I have decided to participate in this trip.

In order to attend this program and help Better the World, my goal is to fundraise $1,850.00. This amount will pay for my lodging, food, airfare, local transportation, and materials/supplies. I would like to ask for your help to make this exciting and life-changing experience possible! Any assistance you can provide would be deeply appreciated. I’ve personally given $200 toward the $1,850 goal already. You can donate directly online by visiting this link. Once again, please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Thank you in advance for your support!

Tyler Kinsley
Alpha Sigma Phi Beta Omicron Chapter President
[email protected]
(317) 224-3617