Donate Securities

This option can be of advantage to an alumnus who may wish to donate securities rather than cash.  If the alumnus donates “appreciated securities,” he can avoid capital gains tax that he would ordinarily have to pay.  He has the advantage of completing his pledge with “discounted dollars”.  Only readily marketable securities in good market order can be used.

One of our loyal Alpha Sig Alumni has been employed as a financial adviser with one stock broker for three decades. MarketWatch rates it as one of the ten best full-service brokerages in the U.S.

The House Corporation has appointed this alumnus to accept donations of securities for processing so the proceeds go to the House Corporation. Donations have come to the House Corporation in this manner. It's a simple process.

If you have stocks or bonds to donate in order to gain a legal tax advantage, contact fundraising chairman John Anderson (800-800-7081) or Treasurer Terry Carter (231-757-9039). Either man will provide you the name and contact information for our financial adviser alumnus.