HC Minutes 4/15/2015



14 April 2015


Trustees Participating on Teleconference
John Goudy **       Partial Attendance
Alex Zembala
Paul Ruegamer
Lenny Duff
Terry Carter
John Tux Anderson
Froggy Stone

Trustees Not Participating

Dave Moon
Gene Tierney
Larry Thomas
Chad Owen (JICI)  **

Chairman Brother Paul Ruegamer called the teleconference to order at 8:32 EDT.

  1. New House Construction Brother Ruegamer asked Chad Owen of Jim Ingeldue Construction (JICI) to review the proceedings of the Angola City Planning Commission meeting in which the construction of our new house was addressed on the meeting agenda. Mr. Owen stated that the Commission approved the development and site plans submitted by JICI on our behalf. The project left the meeting in good standing with the plans meeting all of the zoning requirements. There were two neighbors that had questions about our plans but none of the questions prohibit or restrict our current plans as approved by the City of Angola. The Barletts had a question about parking, particularly if we decide to expand at a later date. The City is satisfied that our current parking arrangement is satisfactory and meets all requirements.The MacFadyens had three concerns. First they asked about a landscape buffer which is required. We agreed to update our drawings more clearly showing the planned landscaping which will meet city requirements and seems to satisfy the MacFadyen’s concern – the primary issue is that they just had not seen a clear depiction. Brother Goudy or another representative will deliver an updated and clear copy to the MacFadyens attorney. The second concern was one of drainage to the west and we agreed to work with them and the University to improve their existing concern (which is technically small and not on our property) when we do the grading for the new house. The final issue is technically between the MacFadyens and the University and involves an issue of vacation of the western portion of an alley. That decision was made by the City some time ago and does not impact our current situation, however, it behooves us to keep an eye on it.
  2. New House Design Status A question concerning expansion of the house was raised and it was reiterated that any expansion would be on the Gale Street side of the property in the event an expansion were ever to come about. Water main issue had been satisfactory resolved and that the feed would come from the University Boulevard water main. It will be a six inch line that will be satisfactory for all future use.
  3. Project Schedule Mr. Owen reported that he intended to pull all remaining applicable permits this week to begin construction next week, the week of 20 April 2015. He also intends to clarify the site drawing with the landscaping (as noted above) as well as the dumpster location and a location of an approximately sized 8 foot by 12 foot maintenance shed. Chad also indicated that he intends to have the drawing(s) submitted to the City by Wednesday the 15th. He reported that all subcontractor bid information has been submitted and that he intends to have the analysis of the bids complete by week end. When pressed by the Board, Mr. Owens stated that construction could begin as early as next Monday, the 20th, if the other items fell into place. (Secretary’s editorial note: This is construction talk for telling the client what he want to hear, however, construction will probably begin the week of the 20th, weather permitting Predictions of construction schedules should not be carved in stone, pun intended, harm to secretary from sharp knives is not intended). Further when pressed by the Board, Mr.Owens said that he felt comfortable that even with the delays to date, the was “comfortable” with being finished with the project for Homecoming. (Note Secretary’s editorial note above – the longer the time frame, the more possible delays –weather – components, etc.)
  4. Educational Space Allocation (From the 17 February Meeting Minutes) (A brief discussion about the educational space allocation rules revealed that there is confusion as to the exact rules. As a result, Brother Tux Anderson was tasked with contacting Drew Thawley, former Alpha Sigma Phi (National) Educational Fund Endowment President, and the national CLEVEN Housing Committee for clarification of both the rules and the procedure used to prepare and submit the allocation drawings). There still seems to be some confusion over the educational space allocation rules and format submissions. Discussion led to the belief that the drawings should reflect the “educational purpose” names on various rooms or parts of rooms. The bedrooms were a particular point of emphasis. If a physical differentiation can be made in the bedrooms, we can create a defensible argument for a portion of bedrooms allocated for educational space in addition to areas such as the computer lab and library. The standard to date has been about 30% as a ceiling and a quick review had us at 28% which should be most defensible and allocate sufficient funding for the project from the Foundation.
  5. Property Exchange Agreement The original property exchange agreement was finalized with the funding provision and signed by Brother Ruegamer on behalf of the House Corporation and also signed by the University. Brother Ruegamer and Brother Carter expect to meet next week, Wednesday, 22 April, with the University to close the property exchange and file the deed for the new property. Brother Carter will also review a minor question on title insurance.
  6. Mortgage and Contractor Payment Question – Mr. Owens of JICI clarified that subcontractor as well as JICI would typically bill on a monthly basis. There was some question as to how payments would be executed whether JICI would bill the bank or Brother Carter and whether Brother Carter would cut checks to JICI or both JICI and the subcontractors. Brother Carter will clarify with JICI and the bank.
  7. Building Committee Miscellaneous Notes – Brother Goudy noted that Brother Shoff has agreed to visit about monthly over the construction period to review progress and Identify any construction concerns. He also reported that he intends to meet with Mrs. Trine in the immediate future to discuss furnishings.
  8. Fundraising Committee Report  (From the 17 February 2015, meeting notes truncated) Brother Anderson reported that the house has received $816,829 in pledges for the new house project to date. Of that amount, $607,880 have been effectively collected either directly or through the University or the Alpha Sigma Phi national Educational Foundation. Please note that of the $650k effectively collected to date about $200k has been spent to date, primarily on the fundraising consultants and the design, permitting, and construction management contract with Ingledue. Brother Anderson also reported that there are only about eight brothers with delinquent pledges to date and that our administrative manager, Cara, contacted them this last week. None of these delinquencies are major donors. Tux also noted that the fundraising effort would probably make one more major push to try and capture an additional $100,000 prior to the House Dedication planned for Homecoming. As an update to the February report, Brother Galiyano has completed the pledge to the University, thus allowing the Property Exchange Agreement to be modified and signed as noted above. Essentially, we have $500,000 available for construction either in the HC account, the University fund, or the national Foundation. This puts us in good stead with the mortgage and financing needs. There is some additional money in the Corporation funds from undergraduate rent (~$20,000) that remains unallocated at this time. Brother Anderson stated that the $100,000 push toward homecoming for additional donations was being reviewed in light of a possible opportunity to approach the effort in a different manner. He should know more in the next month and will report accordingly.
  9. Donor Recognition  (From the February 17,2015, meeting notes: There was a discussion on specifics concerning donor recognition and the possibility that this program be integrated with the Alumni Association. Brother Zembala was tasked with this in a previous meeting and the Board agreed to defer the suggestions to him as well as the issue of the extent of Alumni Association participation in the program.) Brother Zembala reported that he has had some limited discussions and ideas on this to date and Brother Ruegamer asked that he begin to work at more formalized recommendations/actions beyond the preliminary white paper that was circulated.
  10. Construction Loan/Mortgage Status (From the February 17 2015 Meeting notes: Brother Thomas reported that the deal with the local bank has been conceptually finalized. While waiting on the Property Exchange Agreement and deed work, he anticipates that the draft loan/mortgage documents will be ready for review in the immediate future. Brother Goudy has agreed to be the local liaison who, will in turn, ensure that Brothers Carter, Ruegamer, and Thomas receive all of the pertinent drafts for their review and comment. No new significant information was reported in the meeting concerning the mortgage status, however, subsequent to the meeting Brother Carter discussed the mortgage with Mr. Tim Newby of the bank and they agreed to the wording of a proposed motion for the HC Board to adopt, approving the mortgage. That proposed motion will be forwarded to the Secretary for dissemination and a vote by electronic means in the immediate future.
  11. Spring Semester Pledge Class Eight of the original Spring pledge class of nine were initiated, meaning a total of ten new brothers were added this school year which replaced the ten that graduated. The House will start with 23 members in the Fall of 2015.
  12. House Dedication Ceremony There was some discussion about funding a tent for the dedication ceremony so that the AA Homecoming Committee could keep costs down for the Homecoming weekend. The House Corporation informally agreed to provide funds for the tent as it supported the House Dedication as opposed to a Homecoming event, per se. This informal approval was justified by Brother Carter who noted that the current set of By-laws allocates 1% of all HC funds to be allocated to the Alumni Association for their use. While the new by-laws contemplate a different arrangement, those have yet to be adopted and the funding transfer as explained by Brother Carter is valid based upon current receipts.
  13. Fraternity Live In Rules It was noted that the University has changed its policy on underclassmen living in Fraternity houses to include sophomores that have a 2.75 GPA or above. Previously only juniors and seniors could reside in the house without special permission from the University.

With no further business before the Board, Brother Ruegamer adjourned the teleconference at 10:07 PM EDT.


Respectfully submitted,
M. E. “Froggy” Stone