Tux Anderson, For the Good of the Fraternity

The Anderson's Travel for ΑΣΦ Business

As part of the series of articles that we hope to post on our website about The Workings of the Beta Omicron Chapter, (please see the first in this series posted March 20, 2016) this article is going to take a side trip to San Diego. As a result of Tux (John) Anderson #864 and his wife, Jane's, visit to my adopted home town across the river from Tijuana, I learned a lot about our Chapter and how we participate with the National ΑΣΦ organization.

Many of you know that Tux has been an active on our Alumni Association BOD for many years and was a founding member of the House Corporation Board of Trusties. This list of his involvement at the Chapter level is long. For his work and dedication, Tux is a very well desired Delta Beta Xi Award recipient. However, I think just few know that Tux has been very active at the National ΑΣΦ level for over eight years including participating and training at the yearly National Convention for undergraduates. However, Tux has also been an active member on ΑΣΦ Foundation Board for 8 years and was recently asked joined their CLVEN Housing Board. One of the main reasons John was selected to serve on the Housing Board was because of his involvement with the development our new Old Gal.

Gordy Heminger, the President and Chief Executive Officer of ΑΣΦ says, "Brother Anderson comes to the meetings prepared, asks good questions, offers practical suggestions based on his experience in business and with the Beta Omicron Chapter and has such an even keeled disposition." So, we say thanks to Brother Andersen, his supporting, traveling wife, Jane, as well as the others in the Chapter that support our business of ΑΣΦ at the National level.

Jane and John Anderson in Tom & Colleen Alspaugh's backyard
Jane and John Anderson in Tom & Colleen Alspaugh's backyard

OddBall visits Rick Powell at work
OddBall visits Rick Powell at work

Back to the southern suburbs of LA. Making hay while the sun was shining in San Diego, Tux and Jane sent a day with my wife, Colleen, and I seeing the sites. They also arranged dinner at the iconic beach side restaurant, Jake's at the Beach, where we met up with locals Rick Powell # 867 and his wife Regan. (Rick is trying to fit Homecoming 2016 into his fall schedule.)

When you see Tux at Homecoming , ask him if he is active on two Boards for National because he enjoys the volunteer work, or is it because of the places they have their winter meetings 🙂

ΑΣΦ, It is Our Time to Celebrate !

The New Old Gal
The New Old Gal

Homecoming 2016; the Old Gal, a New Beginning
Sept 29th, 30th and Oct 1st

The DEDICATION of our New OLD GAL at 110 S. Darling St will take place at Homecoming 2016 the weekend of Sept 29th, 30th and Oct 1st. This is THE Homecoming to attend ! You will be hearing soon about registration, which will again be on this website, a Time Capsule that will be mounted in the wall of the Old Gal and the weekend's schedule of events. You will be offered an opportunity to travel though time by donating to the Time Capsule and to be involved in what is expected to be the biggest calibration in our Fraternity's history. If you planning to attend, or are thinking you will try to attend, please respond to this email address:

[email protected]

After all, if you're going, I'm going.



This series of web site posts will cover how our Fraternity works. At this time there are four articles planned before Homecoming to provide you some insight to our organization. These web site posts will cover the Homecoming Team, the Alumni Association (AA) Board, the House Corp. Board of Trustees and the Grand Chapter Advisor. This post is about the AA's
Homecoming Team.

Gene Tierney #850,  Alumni Assoc Pres (Left) and  John Letki #888 Right are active on the Homecoming Team
Gene Tierney #850, Alumni Assoc Pres (Left) and John Letki #888 Right are active on the Homecoming Team . Froggy and Geri Leki are in the back.

As currently organized, the Homecoming Team grew out of an ad hoc 2012 committee that call themselves the WE Team. Bulldozer Nick Santino #657 organized Larry Thomas 695# (also on the House Corp Board) , David Moon #639 (also works on the Capital Campaign Comm.), and Brian Stebleton #643 to formed an Alumni email outreach/phone team and a Homecoming events team that saw a new high of 65 brothers return to Homecoming 2012. OddBall (Tom) Alspaugh #840 joined this team at Homecoming 2012 and by January 2013 the Alumni Association Board (AA) formed The Homecoming Team as it now operates. This Team is lead by the AA President (Gene Tierney #850) and includes the Homecoming Events Committee (Co-Chairmen Logan Nickel #1128(also on AA Board) and Joey Biedenweg #1127), the Alumni Relations Committee (Oddball Chairman) and the Alumni Connection Editor ( interim editor, Oddball).

Our Events Comm Co-chairs (L) Joey Biedenweg #1127 and Logan Nickel #1128 working on the Old Gal
Our Events Comm Co-chairs (L) Joey Biedenweg #1127 and Logan Nickel #1128 working on the Old Gal

The Homecoming Team is first an active group of Brothers that attend monthly conference calls to plan and encourage attendance to Homecoming, including all of the original WE Team, Letki (John) Letki #888, Doc (Wes) Stinson #1118 (also Grand Chapter Advisor), Nathan Scroggins #1171, and Jay Carey #1143. Some have special roles like Bulldozer Nick specializes in the hotel reception, Doc runs the Tail Gate, Larry Thomas organizes the golf outing, Brian Stableton makes phone calls to large non- specific groups of Brothers and of course his pin number specific group , Oddball sets up the conference calls and take notes, Letki keeps The Homecoming Team's "To Do" List, and David Utter works on quality assurance of our Association's membership database. Gene and Oddball make most of The Team's Website posts while Gene, with assistance from Nathan and Jay, manages the website.

Brother Nathan Scroggins #1171 receives an other award.
Brother Nathan Scroggins #1171 receives an other award.
 Semi-retired, Bulldozer Nick Santino # 657 has a hard time decommissioning the bulldozer
Semi-retired, Bulldozer Nick Santino # 657 Has a hard time decommissioning the bulldozer

Second, this whole team, along with many others, reaches out to as many Brothers as we can to ask that they return for our Homecoming reunions. Nathan, Jay, Logan, Joey and Doc perform our social media outreach functions. OddBall and Gene drive the email outreach efforts and OddBall organizes a large groups of Brothers referred to the Welcome Every Brother Back team or WEBBS that call and email their friends to encourage Every Brother to return to Homecoming.

Brian Stebleton #643 and  wife Julie
Brian Stebleton #643 and wife Julie
Dave Utter #601 (L) and David Moon # 639 explain to Bill Lewis #622 how his credit card was used to pay for Saturday's dinner.
Dave Utter #601 (L) and David Moon # 639 explain to Bill Lewis #622 how his credit card was used to pay for Saturday's dinner.
Larry Thomas #695 & wife  Jean
Larry Thomas #695 & wife Jean

Please support this large team effort by marking your calendar and planning to be at:
The Dedication of the New House at
Homecoming 2016; The Old Gal, a New Beginning
Sept 29, 30 & Oct 1.

Brother Gulde, #1154


Brother Nick Gulde (left) and Brother Adam Kitson, #1090

Brother Nick Gulde, #1154 graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy on February 26, 2016.  Nick was hired by the Wayne County Sheriffs Department and has spend the last 15 weeks at the academy in Plainfield, IN.

Brother Adam Kitson, #1090, an officer for the Fremont, IN Police Department attended Nick' s graduation.


The ΑΣΦ Beta Omicron House Corp Announces the Election of Brother Larry Thomas #695 to the Board of Trustees

House Corporation President, Paul Ruegamer, is pleased and excited to announce that Larry Thomas, a long time dedicated supporter of our fraternity, was elected to the Board of Trustees on January 6, 2016. Larry joins seven other Trustees on the Board. Larry lead the Board's effort to secure the loan for our new fraternity house. Larry will continue to serve as the Financial Advisor for the Board. He has served as the chairman of this committee for the past two years.

Larry has been also been active supporting the New Old Gal Capital Campaign, running our Homecoming Golf Tournament and being involved on our Alumni Association's Homecoming organizational and outreach teams. In 2012 he was one of the four "We Team" Brothers that put into motion the frame work that lead to the successful Homecoming reunions that we now enjoy each fall.

Larry Thomas retired as President of Cinergy, one of two companies that merged into Duke Energy Corporation. He now supports Alpha Sig, enjoys his family, is President of the Imperial Beach Golf Club in Naples, Florida, plays golf and summers in Brownsburg, Indiana.

IMG_0925 Larry Thomas

Four ΑΣΦ Brothers are Featured in Winter Issue of Trine Magazine

Your ΑΣΦ Beta Omicron Chapter is setting positive examples on and off the Trine Campus. Please take a minute to open these links read these articles from the Trine Magazine if you have not done so already. And, if you have a minute, please email our buddies a congratulations note. NASA-Tim Adams #819: [email protected] , Bulldozer Nick Santino #657 : [email protected] , John(Goud) Goudy #758 [email protected] , and Nathan Scroggins #1171 [email protected]

OddBall #840
Alumni Relations

See you at Homecoming 2016, The Old Gal; a New Beginning -- Sept 29th, 30th and Oct 1st.

NASA Tim Adams Goes to Stars 2nd time Trine Mag Article

Exceptional Bros Nathan Scroggins and Nick Santino Light up their Partnership Trine Mag Article

Brother Goud Awarded Golf Metal - Trine Mag Article

Front Page News

The following article appear on the Front Page of the Steuben Republican on Friday, January 22, 2016.  Nick Santino, #657 and Nathaniel Scroggins, #1171 are Beta Omicron Brothers.  - GeneswimmersWavemakers try out new reaction lights of races on Wednesday

Start block lights take off


ANGOLA - The YMCA of Steuben County is the test site for an innovation in swim competitions.

Home of the Wavemakers swim team, the Y partnered with Trine University's Innovation One to debut a product that uses lights instead of a noise to signal the start of a race.

scroggins light

Trine University senior design engineering technology major, Nathaniel Scroggins, left, and other Trine staff and students install reaction lights in the YMCA of Steuben County pool Wednesday afternoon

"We're very excited to be partnering with Trine University," said YMCA of Steuben County CEO Krista Miller.

Innovation One is a team of faculty, staff and students working together to develop new ideas, products and technologies and assist area business with research and development.

A Lilly intern, Nathaniel Scroggins, a senior design engineering technology major from Hanover, started working last summer redesigning the start lights, created by a New York based company owned by Tri State College alumnus Nick Santino.The production of Santino's Swimming Reaction Lights has been moved from Newark, New York, to Trine.

The first batch of lights was shipped from Trine in the fall of 2015.  They were used during the World Deaf Swimming Championships in Texas and are in place at Palmyra-Macedon High School in New York.

Scroggins' tweaks improved the aesthetics and functionality of the lights along with dramatically cutting the costs of production, said an article in Trine's winter magazine.  Trine technicians continue to perfect the lights, and the YMCA is part of the process.

The equipment was installed in the YMCA pool Wednesday and will be maintained and tested by Trine students and engineers.

"With us being so close, they could come in, they could videotape, the could monitor," said Miller.

Wavemakers board of directors president Aaron Ulrich said he expects reaction lights to eventually be used in the Olympics.

"It is absolutely exciting to be on the entry level of something that is going to be everywhere," Ulrich said.

The Wavemakers tried the new system Wednesday night, with positive reactions from the young swimmers, ages 5 to 20.

"They were just excited, bouncing off the walls, yelling and screaming," said Ulrich.

The excitement and hubbub that builds at a busy pool during competitions is part of the reason lights may be superior to auditory start signals.

"With the way pools are set up, sound does not travel very well with the water and in a loud arena," said Ulrich.  The light bar is a personal cue for the swimmers that does not require them to focus outside their lane for a prompt.

This weekend, swimmers from the DeKalb County and South Bend YMCAs will be at the Angola Y for a competition and will get the treat of being among the first to try a new innovation that is already making waves.



IMG_0158 New Old gal 11-25-15 status

Our New “Old Gal” experienced its first Homecoming on October 8th, 9th, and 10th, while still under construction. This significant occasion was witnessed by the 57 alumni. The total Homecoming attendance, including undergraduates, wives and dates was 90. The ΑΣΦ Homecoming attendees commemorated this major milestone in our history by Inaugurating the New Old Gal's construction site with Mystic Soil from the sites of our six pervious fraternity houses.

John Cannon #717, a proud supporter of Alpha Sig stands in behind New Old Gal at Homecoming 2015
John Cannon #717, a proud supporter of Alpha Sig, stands in behind New Old Gal at Homecoming 2015

We also celebrated Bother John Goudy # 758, was awarded National's Delta Beta Xi Award. "Goud" is our construction manager and has been instrumental in seeing that the new Old Gal was built on S. Darling. Goud's dedication to our House is not new. Many stories were told, including that when he was in the house he would invite prospective pledges to join him on his dates with his now wife, Cheryl.

Brs Anderson and Ruegamer Congratulate Br Goudy
Brs Anderson and Ruegamer Congratulate Br Goudy

Built on the successful format for Homecomings we started in 2012, the weekend started with a Thursday afternoon Welcome Reception at the Holiday Inn Express where and Brothers, wives and dates gathered into small groups for dinner at local restaurants. The night ended with Nut Nite in the party room at the Old Gal on Maumee.

Holiday Inn- Geri & John Letki #888 and Carl (Farmer) & Janet Hall #1162
Holiday Inn- Geri & John Letki #888 and Carl (Farmer) & Janet Hall #1162

Our Friday golf event has been such a success that Trine ask Goud to expand the event in 2015 to include all fraternities and sororities. To encourage future growth of this Greek Golf event, Goud ask us to let the Sig Eps win:-)

The Gracious Alpha Sig Golf Team
The Gracious Alpha Sig Golf Team

Friday afternoon at The "circus" Tent set up next to the New Old Gal, the first part of the Inauguration was held with Trine President Dr. Brooks and Angola Mayor, Dick Hickman providing congratulatory speeches to the Beta Omicron Chapter for building our New Old Gal on Fraternity Row.

Dr. Brooks congratulates Alpha Sigma Phi on our new House. Angola Mayor, Dick Hickman is seated to the right.
Dr. Brooks congratulates Alpha Sigma Phi on our new House. Angola Mayor, Dick Hickman is seated to the right.

House Corp. President, and House Champaign Chairman , Paul Ruegamer #913 and Tux (John) Anderson #864 spoke eloquently about our accomplishment of building the New Old Gal and at the presentation of Brother Goudy's Delta Beta Xi award that followed.

Delta Beta Goud, still crazy after all these years.
Delta Beta Goud, still crazy after all these years.

Once again ΑΣΦ won the Participation Award at the Friday night Trine Touch Stone Dinner, but this year we were the talk of the town. Alumnus John Alexander #369 won the Distinguished Trine Alumni of the Year Award for 2015 and our New Old Gal on Trine's University Row was featured along with John Goudy and the Sig Cup Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament, Nathaniel Scroggins #1171 was the school's Student of the Year for his work in Trine's Innovation One development of Nick Santino' #657 Reaction Light sports race starting system. Nick's starter's light was also the product featured as an example that is manufactured by Innovation One. Brothers Darryl Shoff #750 and Mick Galiyano #757 were noted for their life time commitments to Trine University. If ΑΣΦ Homecoming Committee would have had planned an Alumni Awards Ceremony, we would have been seriously upstaged.

Brs Tom Bledsoe #872 and Farmer Hall # 1163 watch Alpha Sigs sweep Trine Touch Stone Dinner Awards
Brs Tom Bledsoe #872 and Farmer Hall # 1163 watch Alpha Sigs sweep Trine Touch Stone Dinner Awards

Mike and Michaelann Galiyano # 857
Mike and Michaelann Galiyano # 857

The Friday night party at The Tent that followed was a gala affair, with the unintended first beers drank in the New Old Gal by a couple of Alpha Sig undergrads. This was done with spot lights provided by the Angola Police Department. Good thing they have an eye on our fenced construction site. Alpha Sigs will be Alpha Sigs.

The Saturday morning Alumni Meeting was eventful as the Alumni Association and House Corp prepares for its rolls once the construction is completed. The Alumni Association adopted a new clarified set of Bylaws during the past year and the House Corp. is discussing many significant changes last year's Bylaws Committee developed. These Annual Alumni Association meetings are well attended and new brothers are becoming involved. Logan Nickel #1128 was voted on the Alumni Association Board and Doc (Wes) Stinson #1118 was name the Grand Chapter Advisor, reporting directly to National on undergraduate affairs.

2015 Inaug  802 signing-Homecoming-0951

Froggy #882 looking into a reflecting pond
Froggy #882 looking into a reflecting pond

The afternoon Tailgate Party began with the physical Inauguration of the New Old Gal's first Homecoming. First the Brothers were invited to sign the exposed framing , then Brothers spread the Mystic Soil on its site as discussed above and in a previous post to this web site.

Soil from 6 previous Old Gals is spread on Darling St site.
Soil from 6 previous Old Gals is spread on Darling St site.

Jane Anderson places Alpha Sig purple heart on husband, Tux #864, for wounded arm sustained in GDI war of 1972
Jane Anderson places Alpha Sig purple heart on husband, Tux #864, for wounded arm sustained in GDI war of 1972

This was followed by a continuation of the ΑΣΦ Legends Storytellers session where alumni tell of their escapade as undergraduates. This year’s session started with master of ceremonies, Oddball (Tom Alspaugh) # 840 presenting Tux Anderson with a ΑΣΦ purple heart for the wounds he suffered from friendly fire in the 1972 ΑΣΦ war with the GDIs. Framer (Carl Hall) #1163 told how his American History Class' very late special project was completed in an half hour by buying patriotic stickers at the drug store and placing them on a piece of poster board. The professor liked it so much it ended up hanging in a museum at Michigan State University. If you see it, please don't tell them.
OddBall 3840 congratulates Farmer #1163 as a Alpha sig Legend
OddBall #840 congratulates Farmer #1163 as an Alpha Sig Legend

Our annual dinner had a construction theme for obvious reasons. Orange ΑΣΦ construction safety vests were the party favors. From that time on, any one who left the tent was asked directions by passing cars looking for parking. The catered affair provided an excellent meal and with a professional bartender. A working 1/15 scale model ΑΣΦ bulldozer was presented to "Bulldozer Nick" Santino for his significant contributions to the development of Homecoming, as we know it, and to the formation the current Alumni Relations Committee, as he retires as its Co-Chair.

Bulldozer Nick Santino #657 Semi retires
Bulldozer Nick Santino #657 (semi-)retires

The Undergrads also gave Bulldozer Nick their Alumni Of the Year Award. The undergraduate Chapter President also presented the active brothers with awards for scholastics, sports and dedication to the Fraternity. They closed out the awards singing the sweetheart song to the new Chapter Sweetheart.

Nathan Scroggins #1171 receives Chapter's Leadership Award
Nathan Scroggins #1171 receives Chapter's Leadership Award

Some Bothers went across the street to Trine's Oakridge Boys concert and many of us stayed at the tent till the wee hours continuing to tell ΑΣΦ Legends stories in small groups.

We hope this summary of Homecoming 2015 !! indicates the fun we are having at our Homecoming rendezvous, the positive influence your fraternity is having on campus and the success we have had in our goal, To Better the Man.

Our New Old Gal on Fraternity Row will be formally DEDICATED at:

Homecoming 2016, The Old Gal; a New Beginning.

PLEASE Mark your 2016 calendar to be in Angola --

Sept 29th, 30th and Oct 1st.

John Goudy #758 Wins National’s Delta Beta Xi Award

Brother Goudy # 758 Delta Beta Xi
Brother Goudy # 758 Delta Beta Xi

On Saturday October 9th, at the Inauguration of our New Old Gal's first Homecoming , John Goudy was awarded ΑΣΦ's distinguished Delta Beta Xi Award. Brother Goudy (Goud) is the sixth member of the Beta Omicron Chapter to win this prestigious National ΑΣΦ award.
John Chairs the New Old Gal's Construction Committee , is a founding House Corporation Trustee and was instrumental in obtaining the Alumni Association's approval in 2010 to build the New Old Gal on Trine University's Fraternity Row. Brother Goud helped develop the overall plan to build the New House, was also instrumental in locating the site, negotiating the property exchange with the University, developing the architectural concept and raising the required capital.
Brother Goudy has scarlet ΑΣΦ blood running through his veins. He was Rush Chairman when he was an active Brother. He's "the guy" who kept his pledge class and the Brothers of his late 1960s era in frequent communication. Over the years they have gotten together regularly in person, which many times included golf. John unselfishly put his time and effort in to leveraging these golf gatherings into fund raising and/or Brotherhood building events including: 1)The Sig Cup played in August between Alpha Sig and Kapa Sig raising over $40,000 for scholarships, 2) The Greek Cup , another golf event to raise money for scholarships, played at Homecoming for the first time this year between all campus Geek organizations and 3) The Sarasota, Florida Golf outing played by ΑΣΦ and KΣ after the Trine Scholarship Golf Classic in January of each year. Bothers, from all eras now fly from all over the continent to be at these events.
John though out his life and still has stops by The House, goes to Chapter meetings and assists where he can. In 2013 Brother Goudy formed a Pledge Mentoring Program that consist of alumni volunteer mentors who live in close proximity to Angola. It has become a model for other ΑΣΦ chapter alumni associations.
Please take the time to congratulate Brother John Goudy on his very well deserved and prestigious ΑΣΦ Delta Beta Xi Award.
And, if you will help me ,please... All together now:
For He's an Alpha Sig, He's a man you'll want to know...
OddBall #840
Chairman, Alumni Relations